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Player Complaints

Read the Rules tab before making any posts in the player complaints forum. Admins cannot be everywhere all the time. If another player has acted particularly poorly in any way and you would normally have used adminhelps to complain during a round, or has acted poorly over a number of rounds with no sign of improvement, you may make a complaint here. Player complaints are serious. We cannot take your word on a problem, and require evidence such as logs and screenshots, round IDs, etc. If you post a valid complaint, the subject of your complaint may be banned. If you don't want that to be a possibility, do not post the complaint. You may not post if you are not the original poster or the person being complained about unless you are requested to by the handling staff member, and then only to provide what that staff member specifically requests. Opinions are not welcome. You may not post joke or non-serious player complaints. You may be punished for doing so. You may not bump your player complaint unless more than 24 hours have passed since the last post. You may not post excerpts or personal interpretations of the rules. You should be polite and use proper grammar and spelling in your player complaint, and any responses to it. You may contact a senior staff member if you believe your player complaint was handled unfairly. Player complaints must use the template in the Template tab. Player complaints must be titled with either the byond name or character name of the complaint subject. [b]Their BYOND username[/b]: [b]Their character name[/b]: [b]Your BYOND username[/b]: [b]Your character name[/b]: [b]Date, time, and game ID of incident[/b]: [b]Who else can vouch for the situation[/b]: [b]What happened[/b]: Evidence that shows the incident fully (logs, screenshots, recordings, etc.)[/b]:

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